Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I went to the thrift store last week to buy some skirts. This was harder than I thought! The better ones were expensive and most were just too crappy or the wrong size.  After 45 minutes I had three skirts, a jumper, and a shirt & sweater for myself. Oops on those last two! (Except that they were each less than five dollars & of superb quality. The sweater is to replace my brown one which I like immensely & my husband hates terribly for making me look washed out.) I started work right away on the jumper - it was brand new from a boutique going out of business! There were more in the store & they were pretty cute, so if it worked out well, I would just go ahead & buy some more! Unfortunately I am still working on not confusing myself with the pattern (putting things in backwards, upside-down, etc.), and the surged seams of the jumper are not conducive to putting in zippers. So it is taking longer than I thought. Still pretty cute. But I may have to adjust my marketing plan to be in person. Orders over the internet may not be fair to those (like me!) who want to make sure their clothing fits just right & looks just perfect.