Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Assembly line

The last three skirts I did assembly line style. In spite of the "factory procedures," it still took the whole memorial day weekend making the total cost of the skirts rather expensive. (Economists know too much about opportunity costs, making my highly trained labor go for a premium!) However, I am getting the pattern down, and am excited to work on writing this up for you all to download for a song, including all the tips I learned about picking a skirt to modify. We've already learned about not choosing skirts with the seams surged closed, and I can also tell you that slips are a complication as well, but not impossible. These you have to slit as well, to give room for your bikin' legs. Then you have to hem the side you left ragged.

Though the pictures don't show it, these skirts all have two zippered flaps. We have one black formal, another grey with a fun little flair of its own, and on the final one I sewed the zippers to show. This skirt is special because it had seams slightly forward, not directly on the side, so it works really well to make the zippers a fun part of the look. These flaps are a little long, but that should be easily fixed with a few hooks or snaps to keep it in place when not being used. But when it is in use, these totally 80's colors will turn heads when you're commuting!